On1y - Oregano & Piri Piri Powder | Combo Pack of 2 @Rs 158
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A balanced flavour of herbaceous freshness along with a hot, fiery zing can elevate your food from regular to gourmet. A fine blend of oregano topped with sweet but hot paprika will make your tastebuds tingle.

On1y Oregano: Believed to have been created by the Greek Goddess of love, Oregano is truly irresistible. Its distinctive aroma and flavour make it a true soul mate for multiple cuisines.

On1y Piri Piri Powder: Savoury and hot in taste, Piri Piri seasoning can make any boring dish explode with flavours. Rounded and flavourful heat, followed by a hint of sweetness; Piri Piri will make everyday food an adventure.

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