On1y - Pizza & Garlic Herb Bread Seasoning | Combo Pack of 2 @Rs168
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Spicy is the Flavour of the Season

On1y Spice it Up

If you like to spice things up a notch, look no further. When your taste buds crave for a fiery hotness, a dash of spicy seasoning does the job just perfect.

On1y Pizza Seasoning: Loved by all whether it’s a thin crust, a fresh base, or a stuffed one, everyone wants a slice. Truly authentic Italian flavours and inviting aromas of your favourite pizza, now captured in a magic blend.

On1y Piri Piri Seasoning: Savoury and hot in taste, Piri Piri seasoning can make any boring dish explode with flavours. Rounded and flavourful heat, followed by a hint of sweetness; Piri Piri will make everyday food an adventure.

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