On1y - Italian & Salad Seasoning Grinder | Combo Pack of 2 @Rs 268
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Bringing Italy to Your Table

On1y Taste of Italy

Viva la Italiana! Add a hint of Italian to your daily meals and enjoy a gourmet dining experience with subtle flavours from Italy with a great side of fresh salad. 

On1y Italian Seasoning Grinder: Hot and Spicy flavours for stewed, baked or roasted La Italiana delicacies. A unique mix of herbs and spice that can add heat to authentic Italian dishes, just perfect for the Indian palate.

On1y Salad Seasoning Grinder: Add extra zing to an all-time favourite appetizer with a zesty mix of salt, pepper and other specially curated ingredients! Handy for seasonal traditional Indian or exotic salads and other quick-fix preparations.

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