On1y - Fruit & Salad Seasoning | Combo Pack of 2 @Rs 268
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Making Vegetables Delightful

On1y Veggies Supreme

For all those who enjoy a good salad round the clock, be it a mix of fresh-cut and exotic seasonal fruits or a light bowl of delectable vegetables from the local market.

On1y Fruit Seasoning Grinder: All-time favourite! A lively mix of black salt and spices. With this mild blend of select herbs and spices, your favourite fruits of the season get even more luscious, more delicious!

On1y Salad Seasoning Grinder: Add extra zing to an all-time favourite appetizer with a zesty mix of salt, pepper and other specially curated ingredients! Handy for seasonal traditional Indian or exotic salads and other quick-fix preparations.

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