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On1y is a brand owned by Jayanti Group (Est. 1940) that is credited for its innovative style of delivering simple ways of healthy living driven by a passion to lead the change by exploiting food-processing technology to the core

On1y was born in 2013 out of a desire to celebrate the richness of spice by leveraging the strengths of a 75 year old agro-commodities business group. On1y has been specially developed for the Indian Food Culture with the best of industry practices, systematic processes, stringent quality measures and long-term research on innovative packaging. Capturing the essence of herbs n's spice in grinder bottles, sprinkler tins and jars, On1y is an honest attempt to bring the luxury of fresh ground spice to every household. On1y offers a premium range of Spice and Seasoning blends for the richness of a discerning palate in all its exclusivity. When

a passion-driven vision is strengthened by the heritage of goodness what lies ahead is On1y the bounties of tradition and innovation. Spice has a remarkable allure that has captivated mankind for centuries. Even today the mystiques of spice are so mesmerizing that no food is fulfilling till it is spiced right. For a very long time the source of spice was the best kept trade secret.

Yet, On1y is a refreshing start to building a spice maker brand that can betray your instincts each time you unlock the hidden treasures packaged within. It is a way of rediscovering the magical essence of Herbs N' Spice in the 21st century.

Our Products

Join us on a Gastronomy adventure as we take you on an exploration of global handpicked exquisite Spices and Herbs


Flavourful Treat!

A unique blend of herbs and spice to satiate every gourmet’s cravings for well-balanced flavors. Add a twist of rosemary, thyme and pepper in a variety of meat and vegetable delicacies.


  • black pepper

  • onion flakes

  • yellow musturd

  • sea salt

  • thyme

  • green pepper

  • rosemary


Speciality Blend!

An aromatic blend of a multitude of herbs and spice to satiate even the most discerning gourmet. This signature seasoning gives everyday cooking a delicious twist. Enjoy it on curries, vegetables, gravies and meat dishes.


  • crushed chilly

  • black pepper

  • garlic

  • black salt

  • coriander

  • lemon zest


Salt & Pepper!

Turn regular food hot with a twist of natural pink salt mined in the Himalayas and Malabar black pepper. Add a dash of excitement to refreshing salads, soups and steamed vegetables.


  • black pepper

  • pink salt

Herb Thyme Seasoning

Follow the aroma around the world

Thyme is known to go well with most herbs. Warm and pungent flavored, it makes an exciting companion for every dish. Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisines reach a whole new delicious level with a dash of thyme.

We are really, really choosy

On1y Herb Thyme uses the finest thyme leaves carefully picked from the plantations in Morocco, home to the world's best quality thyme crop.

Gourmet Games

Have fun with On1y Thyme seasoning. Add a dash to bring your pastas and scrambled eggs to life. Throw in some into poached fish and beans and taste the difference. Go ahead experiment and explore.

Rosemary Herbs And Spices

Follow the aroma around the world

Take in the pine-like fragrance and pungent flavor of this aromatic evergreen shrub, native to the Mediterranean and Asian continents. With a name so charming, Rosemary indeed makes your Italian delicacies worth dying for.

We are really, really choosy

On1y Rosemary herbs uses the finest Rosemary leaves carefully picked from plantations in Morocco, home to the world's best quality Rosemary crop.

Gourmet Games

Have fun with On1y Rosemary Spices. Season omelettes, chicken and lamb dishes. Add it to tomato sauces and soups. Go ahead, experiment and explore.

Parsley Herbs

Follow the aroma around the world

English in origin, exquisite Parsley is reserved for those with fine taste. Experience the grassy aroma and strong flavor evident in both its leaf types. Elementary in cuisines from across the globe. After using this Parsley, you might say it really is an ace herb!

We are really, really choosy

On1y Parsley Herbs uses the finest Parsley leaves carefully picked from plantations in UK, home to the world's best quality parsley crop.

Gourmet Games

Have fun with On1y Parsley. Add a dash of it to your pesto or soups. Rub it on to raw meats or sprinkle some over your salads. Go ahead, experiment and explore.



Our ingredients are sourced right from their origin.


Ingredients processed in state of the art facilities across the country.


Sterilised in state of the art facilities across the country.


And, your favourite seasoning is ready to be consumed!



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Frequently Asked Questions

On1y is the epitome of our drive to provide food-safe and impeccable quality products in the least steps implementing farm-to-fork quality management. On1y brings completeness to the sense of taste and design with its range of innovative, ready-to-use blends and packing styles. The brand derives its strength from the deep-rooted business values of Jayanti, a globally diversified agro-commodities and food business group that has made remarkable progress through its journey since the early 1940’s preserving and delivering the true essence of flavours of the world.For more details about our global operations visit www.jayanti.com.

All information about our new products and promotions will be available on the web. If you are interested in receiving promotion mailers you can write to corp.communications@on1y.in.

We will launch “shop online” module soon for the convenience of our customers. Till such time you can place your orders at the select retail outlets and enjoy attractive offers.

Spice and Herbs can be used in a wide variety of dishes and in proportions that suit individual tastes. Though the health benefits of Spice are widely discussed not all remedies are scientifically proven. Our extensive research and long experience in this field however shows benefits overweigh the risks.
If you have specific questions on product usage or benefits you can contact us using online feedback form. Our team of experts will be glad to address your product-related health concerns. We do not provide medical and diagnostic services. We do not provide treatment advise and our suggestions are limited to the use of On1y spice products for general well-being. We also publish interesting recipes using our products for the benefit of our readers.

On1y being a niche segment brand is available in select stores across metros and big cities. You can check our website for the list of stores where our products are available which is being updated from time to time. We accept direct enquiries for bulk orders from corporates and retailers. You can also fill business enquiry form and submit online.

This being the first phase launch we have introduced 8 different flavours in popular categories. There are more in the pipeline which have been crafted by food specialists for delivering the experience of international gourmet dishes with flavours of the world.

On1y signifies exclusivity. On1y is a brand that identifies with the aspirations of a generation that craves for a healthy diet in a fast-paced world where quick bites are replacing wholesome meals. On1y brings the convenience of adding spicy flavours to your favourite dishes at all times. On1y spice in grinder jars are easy to use and can conveniently become a part of your daily diet for the irresistible benefits that they bring.