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On1y is a brand owned by Jayanti Herbs & Spices (Est. 1940) that is credited for its innovative style of delivering simple ways of healthy living driven by a passion to lead the change by exploiting food-processing technology to the core

On1y was born in 2013 out of a desire to celebrate the richness of spice by leveraging the strengths of a 78 - year old agro-commodities business group. On1y has been specially developed for the Indian Food Culture with the best of industry practices, systematic processes, stringent quality measures and long-term research on innovative packaging. Capturing the essence of herbs and spices in grinder and sprinkler glass jars, On1y is an honest attempt to bring the luxury of fresh ground spice to every household. On1y offers a premium range of Spice and Seasoning blends for the richness of a discerning palate in all its exclusivity.

When a passion-driven vision is strengthened by the heritage of goodness what lies ahead is On1y the bounties of tradition and innovation. Spice has a remarkable allure that has captivated mankind for centuries. Even today the mystiques of spice are so mesmerizing that no food is fulfilling till it is spiced right. For a very long time the source of spice was the best kept trade secret.

Yet, On1y is a refreshing start to building a spice maker brand that can betray your instincts each time you unlock the hidden treasures packaged within. It is a way of rediscovering the magical essence of Herbs N' Spice in the 21st century.

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Milestone Timeline

  • Feb 2014

    A new brand, On1y, sees the light of day
    Market launch in Bengaluru with 8 grinders in the range

  • Apr 2014

    On1y travels to Delhi and Mumbai

  • Sep 2014

    The brand gets a facelift with new logo and new product labels

  • Nov 2014

    On1y makes it to the headline in a popular B2B magazines like Progressive Grocers

  • Oct 2015

    New range of 8 products launched - Dried Herbs

  • Dec 2015

    5 new products added under the Grinder range
    Special On1y Gift Packs introduced

  • Jan 2016

    On1y makes way into the first 1K stores

  • Feb 2016

    Renowned celebrity chef Ranveer Brar dons the chef hat for On1y

    Associates with Promotional palate culinary and celebrity chefs Rakhee Vaswani

    On1y features in popular Lifestyle and food magazines and Newspapers

  • Apr 2016

    First bloggers' meet organised in Chennai by On1y to season the online market in order to promote online users

  • Nov 2017

    1st features on Tv; becomes Powered by Sponsorer of 'Style Chef' by Chef Shailender on FoodFood TV

  • Dec 2017

    Been a part of the show Festive Feast on FoodFood TV which saw the likes of Chef Shantanu and Chef Saransh Goila

  • Jan 2018

    Launched the first TV ad #ForkTheBananaLeaf in premium Tv channels and cinema screens

  • Sep 2018

    A leap in FoodFood Awards 2018 South was powered by On1y

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