large Fish Fillet cut into fingers 1
Mustard 1tsp
Egg 2 nos
Flour 3 tbsp
Salt to season
Pepper to taste
Lemon juice ½ cup
Bread Crumbs 2 ½ cup
Parsley 3 tbsp
Oil(for frying)


    1. Marinate Fish fingers with Mustard, Lemon juice, 1 tbsp Parsley, Salt & Pepper. Leave this on side for about 10-15 mins. (so that it seasons well) 2.Take Refined flour, Beaten Egg and Bread Crumbs mixed with remaining parsley in 3 different bowls. 3. First, coat the marinated Fish with Flour. Dust the excess Flour. 5. Then dip the fish finger in beaten egg 5. Finally, coat the Fish Finger with parsley Bread Crumbs. 7. Heat oil. Fry Fingers till crispy & golden brown.