For Chicken
chicken breast, cut into thin slices 750 gms
ON1y Dry Parsley 1 tbsp
Salt to taste 1
fresh ground pepper 1 tsp
breadcrumbs 1 cup
refined flour ½ cup
eggs 2
olive oil 2 tbsp
For Grape Chutney
Olive oil 1 tbsp
fresh ginger, grated 1 tsp
nigella seeds (kalonji) ¼ tsp
artichokes (canned), sliced ½ cup
cherry tomatoes cut into quarters ½ cup
red grapes (or any available), cut into quarters ½ cup


  1. Apply parsley, salt and pepper to the chicken and marinate for 1 hour into refrigerator.
  2. Meanwhile heat olive oil in the flat nonstick pan.
  3. Coat chicken with flour, dip in egg and then coat into breadcrumbs evenly. Shallow fry them into frying pan on medium heat 10m minutes each side. Remove and keep aside.
  4. To make grape chutney add nigella seeds, chopped ginger into hot oil, saute until aroma comes out, add grapes, tomatoes and artichokes and cook for 4-5 minutes until turns soft.
  5. Adjust seasoning. Add cooked chicken ad coat nicely in chutney.
  6. Serve in service plate and sprinkle some parsley on top.