boneless, skinless chicken breast 4 pieces
chopped fresh thyme 2 tbsp
lemon zest 1 tbsp
brown sugar 1 tbsp
On1y Pink salt& Black Pepper 2 tbsp
garlic, chopped 1 tbsp
onion powder 1 tsp
Olive oil 1 tbsp


  1. For the chicken: Combine the thyme, zest, sugar, pink salt& Black pepper, garlic, onion powder.
  2. Then rub the mixture evenly into the chicken pieces, coating both sides. Place the chicken in a plastic food storage bag and chill several hours or overnight.
  3. To cook, heat a non stick thick bottomed frying pan, pour the oil then add the chicken.
  4. Cook the chicken 12 minutes, turning occasionally. Remove from the heat let rest a few minutes, then slice.